Thursday, 21 February 2013

Week 6

Lean Mean Running Machine

Evening, another week has gone by they all go so quick now especially when you have an event to prepare for you, it feels like 24 hours feel like 24 minutes and I am conscious that September will no doubt sneak up on me like a ninja, ready to test me to the limit, fail to be prepared and that is me KO'd.

This week has involved the completion of a couple of mile stones, the main one being that in 6 weeks since I started my plan, I have now achieved over a stone in weight loss. Looking back at some pictures it is actually quiet a big transformation and I am massively proud of myself for achieving these results. Simply eating healthily and exercising (which as by my plan is only a maximum of 30 minutes at the moment)I feel like I have come so far, and it shows that it doesn't have to be grueling to achieve some positive results.I toyed with the idea of a before and after picture but I think I will protect your eyes for now

If you're wanting to get in shape then I recommend following the easy program that I am completing which is aimed to get you running continuously for 20 minutes in 9 weeks, its relatively pain free normally doing 2 sessions of walking and 1 run alternating with 2 running sessions and 1 walking session each week.

Also this week I have upped my longest run up to 1.42 miles and increased my best time for a mile to 8:38, there is nothing better then seeing progress knowing you are on the right track and your body is getting fitter and stronger. I love looking back at the end of a week and seeing such positive results.


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Week 5

Valentines Love

Valentines day today so I may as well write about the things I love this week I think.
There are few things in life I love, my wife, my family, Arsenal FC being the main ones, without these things I do not know how I would have coped over the last 5 months. These people bring me so much joy in the most testing and challenging of times, I feel an immense pride having these in my life. Love in my case is certainly not blind for I see it and feel it every day. So to all everyone of my loves I say thank you.

However I must confess now that a new love for me maybe blossoming, just as beautiful as the pink flowers on an apple blossom tree. Yes I think I may well be falling in love with running, for you see running gives you some tough love that some times in life you need, it says you will find each run hard, you will burn and you will ache but after I will reward you with all the niceties your body desires. Your vitality which has been diminished by one too many burgers (beef or horse), I will gently restore, Your muscles which just get you through your day I will make strong, the stresses that life puts on you, I will remove and you will feel all better.

These reasons make running very hard not to fall in love with, who would really not want this? so all the singletons reading this wishing they had love on valentines day I say go start a love affair with running, just wack on a pair of trainers and head out of that door take it nice and easy, what have you got to loose?


I would just like to take this time to say a massive thanks to every one who has sponsored me so far, I am currently at £237.00 or £282.00 including gift aid so already over half way to my target. This really does help to spur me on and to do my best so thanks so much.

One last part for today, one of my old friends is running the silverstone half marathon in just a few weeks and is raising money for children are butterflies also so if any of you would like to add a bit extra towards this great charity and spur her on you can do so HERE

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Week 4


Today I decided to start this blog off with a massive YES, for today I have had a small taste of what is to come and the taste was pretty scrumptious. If chocolate is one of the sweetest things a man can savour than this was a taste that I would imagine tastes a lot like a willy wonka finest everlasting, creamy milk chocolate, hand crafted into the shape of a giraffe by his leading oompa loompahs with the added bonus of a golden ticket.

Sounds pretty good doesn't it? Well for me it was as today was my first run to a mile non stop in a pretty good time of 8 minutes and 44 seconds. It feels so good to be able to run this distance when 4 weeks ago I couldn't make it back from my local shop. It has created a new piece to the jigsaw that is completing a 13.2 mile run. It has boosted my confidence that this run will indeed be possible aslong as I keep up the hard work.

Team work

This week I have also teamed up with my local herbalife independent distributor(my mother). She will be working with me to ensure that I have all the right nutrients to ensure I will be at my best. After conducting a full body assessment she has provided me with my nutritional plan for the course of my training. I have started on the f1 free from shakes this week, with the aim of using it to encourage weight loss to achieve my desired weight which I hope will be about 13.5 stone and to have a better well being.
For more information you can visit her website www.4gooodness-shakes

Right that's your lot, I hope that you continue to enjoy reading this, feel free to leave any comments on this page all are welcome