Thursday, 18 April 2013

Week 14

Good Times

When I set out starting this blog it was to record my thoughts and my progress of a journey started by the loss of my daughter, ending in triumph as I cross the finishing line after 13.2 grueling miles whilst raising money.

In the darkest of times light will always find a way to you, whether that takes a day, a week, a year or a decade at some point no matter what the light will shine so bright and along with the light it brings warmth, and warmth brings comfort. Comfort to me means being happy, in a place that feels right and your surroundings mold themselves around you. Well I can now say that the light is currently shining very bright and I am now expecting my second child, currently 17 weeks gone and is due to be with us about 2 days after I have finished the run.


This week I made yet another step up in progress as I achieved a 8.3 miles, the best thing about this run was I said to my mother "I am going to just do a 5 mile run today" but whilst I was out I must have caught Forrest Gump disease and I just wacked on my trainers and I just ran and ran and ran. So with 5 months left to go I am just 5 miles short of my target distance, looks like I am training for marathon distance instead.

It has struck me how quickly your body can adjust and carry you further and long distances can be overcome quickly once you have kick started all the engines, so anyone out there starting out and wanting to give up, DON'T it will soon come good.

And that is all folks, a 3 day course learning about IT Infrastructure Libraries followed by an official exam, has left the brain some what jaded.

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