Thursday, 4 April 2013

Week 12

Hello Plateau

Another week gone, it is all going too quickly now it is hard to believe we are a third of the way through the year already! This week I have reviewed my bio and it seems I have reached a dreaded plateau in my weight loss. I am aiming to get to 13.5 stone, a few weeks ago I would have said that it was extremely achievable with no problems, however it appears my body is telling me different, perhaps I have gained a fair bit of muscle but my calculator machine shows no change perhaps I have had a bit too much chocolate but I am sure you will all forgive a man for indulging at Easter. It has frustrated me a bit as it hides the obvious signs of improvement. I can feel a lot of difference myself I can tell my body is definitely toning up in a good way so I am happy with that.

As I am talking about body changes last week I was asked to consider showcasing some of my progress in picture format, now I had toyed with this idea but decided that it may not be too every ones taste and I wanted to avoid office ridicule, so I have a compromise if you wish to look at the progress then you can do so HereWarning These are boxer weigh in type photos.

Other Higlights

This week I maintained my mileage completing 4 miles again. I also ran my fastest mile so far clocking in at 8:28 now if only I could maintain that pace for 13 miles that would make for a pretty impressive time.
Just a short blog for this week I will update you all again next week.

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