Thursday, 28 March 2013

Week 11

One of them weeks

Well this week has been a mixed week in terms of training, for some reason in Spring when we are all being bombarded about saving the planet because we are making it warm up to much! We seem to have had this rather cold icy white stuff falling from above I believe from what I read on facebook this phenomenon is called snow.

Maybe it is just me getting old but I hate the snow, it just makes it harder to do things, playing on your mind like some sort of travelling gypsy fortune teller who wants to make a quick fiver, tells you something you didn't want to hear like if you go out next Thursday you may well get caught up in a gangs crossfire.You think that is a load of rubbish I ain't going to stay in the crazy fool, but then you end up doubting this and start saying to yourself well what if she was right, I had better stay in just in case. And so it is with snow you say oh well it's only a bit of snow, lets go out then its like but what if I get stuck in the snow and I have to abandon my car ahh man we will just stay in.

So Saturday came and this is my day set out for my nice long slow runs and you guessed it all day my mind payed with the idea of going out regardless or staying in, I opted to stay in because to me that was a better idea then hitting the snow finding the ice bit slipping over and injuring myself, and so because of this snow my plan was knocked off schedule.

Being knocked off schedule is probably the most annoying thing I have experienced so far, I find that an almost regimented plan helps me to produce better results, and this set back has meant I have not done as much this week as I would have liked to. Also in the same weekend, It was my sisters birthday and for that we went to red hot buffet, now that is not the place to go just to eat a few bits of salad and some of the healthier food options, this is a place you get your monies worth and pig out on pizza, chips, curry and don't forget the dessert, so I indulged myself this week and it has but me in a strange place, I enjoyed treating myself but at the same time felt guilty about it. I have ended up thinking well in ten weeks I can now run 4 miles and I should reward myself, but the guilt was enough to say but only this week and it is back to all healthy meals again.

Monday came and I decided I will go to the gym and do my long run on the treadmill(this is a runners nightmare from what I have read so far) 48 minutes later and the result an extremely satisfying 5 miles completed, almost half way there I love these long runs they really do give you a feel good factor, knowing you're achieving something is one of the greatest feelings known to man no matter what the achievement is.


Last week this blog was read by more people then ever before in one week, it is currently just 10 shy of 1000 views, and I hope everyone has enjoyed it so far. In this week there was also a flurry of sponsors, and I would like to express my gratitude for your kindness, I am now at £342, so very nearly at my target, and this money will go a long way to help fund important research into preventing the loss of babies which 17 families a day are effected by in the UK.
It will also help provide families with much needed support ensuring people are there to listen when you need to talk, to assist you in dealing with heart wrenching funeral plans and also help you to remember a loved child with things such as memorial services at Christmas

Thank you all for your support

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