Thursday, 21 March 2013

Week 10

Story of another runner

Hello, this week I have something different to bring to the table. Since I started on this journey, I have found reading other runners stories on what inspired them, kept them motivated and how they prepared. My main source for this information has been reading runners world articles, this week I thought I would bring you the story of Natalie, an old friend of mine. She has recently completed a half marathon where she raised money for one of the charities I will be running for raising £382.69 in the process, and it has inspired me to carry on with the hard work I have put in so far.

Here is what she thought about her experience

What run did you do?

I ran in the Silverstone Half Marathon on 3rd March 2013.

What made you decide to take part in this run?

I ran in support of 'children are butterflies' and 'Baby Harry' a family member who lost his life before he was able to take a breath.

How fit were you when you started training?

I have enjoyed running and been running for a number of years I put my feet up to rest when I fell pregnant with my Daughter. When she was 6 weeks old and I got the OK from the doctors I put my running trainers back on & started again. After having such a long break I struggled! I could barely power walk one side of the park but day by day I got back to my normal fitness level and ran 8 laps of that same park just before my half can be done!

How long did you train for?

I trained for the half marathon long distance for about 3 months running 3-4 times a week. Short runs, interval training & gym in the week followed by a long distance run at the weekend

What was the race experience like?

The race experience was surreal all I could hear was my music as my headphones were taped to my ears but had the feeling of running alongside thousands of runners that shared the same interest as me. Every so often I would get a pat on the shoulders from other runners and I did the same to others that felt as though they wanted to stop it was a real buzz! I Probably didn't sleep properly for a week before the race and caught the dreaded cough & cold but pulled it together and got on I felt nervous but excited at the same time

What time did you manage to complete the race in?

I completed the race in 2:02 hours, running over that finishing line was amazing! I wanted to turn the clocks back and do it again I can't wait to do another & my hopes are high to get into the London Marathon next year which I failed to get into this year.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of running a half marathon?

Advice to anyone wanting to complete a half marathon.......just do it! Keep focused, relax and most of all enjoy it! Running becomes enjoyable when you no longer feel the pain but enjoy it. Too many people tell me they can't run but dont knock it until you try it! They may find they like it.

Quick Update

I hope you enjoyed the insight into the life of another runner, but I know you all are dieing to know about my progress this week. I will keep it short and provide some more detail next week, this week I have managed to run 4 miles which whilst I was running felt like an incredible distance only to be faced with the reality that I will have to do this run 3 times over it is a little daunting, on the plus side my lung capacity seems to be capable of managing the feat I just need to work up the power in my legs now.

I have continued with my gym work out to improve my core muscles, which has lead to an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in weight so it is doing something.

That's your lot for this week guys, until next week keep on running

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