Thursday, 14 March 2013

Week 9


This week has been a good week in my training life, more progress has been made which is always a good thing. On Saturday I managed to complete my first 5k in a reasonable time of 31.02. In total I ran 3.29 miles.

This run was 2 laps around the big part of Abington Park, there are some pretty tasty hills on that route which add some extra spice to the run. The feeling of satisfaction after completing this run was the best yet. I was on the home straight feeling the effects of the 5k I had just run, knowing just around the corner was a milestone to signal two laps were completed. Yes yes yes I shouted in my head, sounding a bit like them crazy women off the herbal essences adverts. 3 miles down 10 to go on my quest.

I have in my life attempted to run a lap around the park never quiet managing it, simply because I lacked the determination. I used to see other runners going round and lapping me with ease. I used to think these were some kind of super humans. Who on earth could run two laps with that ease? crazy people! Now I am up there with them I have a long way to go but I have come a long way too and I am so excited to see where I am going to be in 6 months time when I cross the start and finish line in Newcastle.

Gym Time

This week I also joined a local gym to try and ensure I can get the best performance I can. I have joined mainly to strengthen my core muscles my routine includes a ten minute warm up on the rowing machine, 36 reps on the leg press on 180lb, 36 reps on the chest press at 80lb, 36 rows using the trx ropes, 36 reps with free weight lifts, planks on a gym ball and 20 minutes on the treadmill at a pace of 11 km/h. A pretty gruelling work out to start off on and after my first session it's safe to say I was worked hard, but I have to train hard or go home.

For any one who is thinking of taking up running you will find most people say to avoid the treadmill and keep outside and so far on my experience I would agree with these people, but I do however think it has it's place to prepare you, it helps you to maintain a pace, as too often when you start out you can go too fast which then increases your perception of effort. The higher your perception the harder it is to get your self motivated.

I will say when running do your long runs outside, as nothing beats the fresh air and if you can find some where scenic then even better as you have a nice distraction from the pains you get whilst running.

Until next week

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