Thursday, 7 March 2013

Weeks 7 & 8


Start this week of with an apology for the lack of blogage last week. It turns out that not only do you need to exercise your body you also have to exercise your brain! So after a week of learning about DOM's, BOM's, functions and objects as well as mastering the joys of public transport and the wonderful London underground, I think its fair to say my brain got a full work out although with all this extra knowledge surely that wont look good on the scales?


This week I completed the plan as set out on the great run app with the aim of being able to run for at least 20 minutes a week ahead of schedule. I thought it would be interesting to review the last 8 weeks.


Well I will start off by looking at how far I have come in terms of fitness, when I started I could barely run to the shop with out being knackered this was only 322 meters away from my house. (When I look at that I wonder how I let my self become so unfit!)

Several weeks of either walking or running only 3 times a week I am proud to say I can now achieve a distance of 2.5 miles or 4119.9 meters which is a massive 1179% increase, not to shabby for a few weeks work


Stepping on them scales back in January and being faced with a weight of 15st 6lbs was a massive shock. I never felt that I looked fat and so I guess it was pretty well disguised. This was too heavy for me to become a runner and had to change. I have expressed on here previously the changes I made particuarly to my diet and the results have been worth it.

This morning I came in at 14st 4lb 4oz meaning total lost to date is 1 stone and 2 pounds (Result!!!), I have also reduced my body fat from 26.4% down to 23.9% and increased muscle mass from 69.5% to 71.9%. Still some work on that front to be done but still major progress.


The reason I am doing all of this as you are aware is to raise money for two amazing charities that have helped a great deal at the lowest point of my life, children are butterflies and SANDS. Doing this run just 1 day after my beloved Jasmine would be 1 is not only going to test my physical limits but also push my emotional boundaries, running in her memory when I should be celebrating her birthday is going to be incredibly hard make no doubt about that. However I will do this because I am doing it not only for my daughter but also to help reduce the number of families in our situation and to ensure that there will always be the support for those who do suffer from the loss of a child.

So far I have raised £287.00 or £344.50 if you include gift aid. An incredible amount and thanks to every one who has donated so generously. I am pretty sure every donation gives me a bit of extra momentum so please do keep them coming

Last but not least I must also thank every one for reading this blog, checking the stats this morning it has been read by just over 700 people. If you like what you read, please feel free to share amongst friends and followers on the various social networks out there.

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