Thursday, 25 April 2013

Week 15

Blistering Pace

This week has been a bit of a pain, following a 6 mile run on the Saturday, I haven't ran since. I think I must have been running so fast that the running gods thought "what who is this boy thinking he is Hercules, better put a stop to that" and zap a nice blister covering 1/3 of my foot was my punishment.

Forgive me for sounding a bit dramatic, but as I have never had one anywhere near this size before it was an absolute killer and flared up after about 2 miles so I ran a further 4 miles on it. Yeah take that running gods bet you thought it would stop me. Since then I have been doing cardio work on the bike, completing 9 miles each time, so not too much of a bad substitute, all is well with the foot now though so back to the long run again on Saturday.

Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton

Pretty cool subtitle I think, some great names in the world of motor sport there and I am about to follow in their footsteps. This week I sent off my application to take part in race 1 of the East Midlands Grand Prix Series, this will be a 10k race on the Silverstone race track.

I chose to do this to get a feeling of a running event as part of my preparation to take part in the worlds biggest half marathon, I thought what a place to start in a world class venue, full of history, legend and speed, I don't think I will be the Vettel of the running world, but I will give it a good shot. My current PB at 10k is 1 hour 3 minutes, on the 8th May 2013 I would like to run sub 1 hour, which should be easily achievable I think. It will be time for runner 437 to shine.


I am now currently just £48.00 short of my £400.00 target, the generosity so far has been astounding and I am truly appreciative for your support. I hope now that we will not stop short but all help to smash this target to pieces. Once again thank you.

Until next week adiĆ³s

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