Friday, 24 May 2013

Week 19

What a pain in the shins

Well this has been the toughest week in my training so far, the main problem being that my legs could only manage 3 miles of running. This has been quite deflating in all honesty, at one point I was close to tears with pure frustration.

This week my shin splints came back with avengence, I have suffered with this through most of my life and if any body has suffered from them then you will catch my drift at how unbearable they can be, it is almost as if your shin bone and muscle have decided they have fallen out of love and want a divorce. They scream and shout at each other for a while which is bearable until they decide to have a full on row and launch the fine China plates at each other. They throw that many plates in reminiscent of a Greek wedding tradition all in the space of a storage cupboard. The end result is they hurt each other quite badly and end up in the local A&E where they are stitched up and ordered to rest.

And rest is what I will be doing for the next 2 weeks to see how it copes. Plenty of deep freeze and ice to help reduce the inflammation and plenty of cross training at the gym to keep my cardio levels up.

Level 10

This week I also visited my local wellness centre for an evaluation to help me get my body in the right shape to achieve my goals.
Using Tanita scales to get a full examination of my body. We discussed entering into a competition run by herbalife called Level 10.
You choose from 3 categories weight loss, lean muscle gain and body fat reduction, from this I set a goal to reduce my body fat to around 15% in 90 days which ties in well to fill the gap until the new football season starts.

Also we discussed a nutrition plan, using an identifier as a protein factor to establish what sort of protein consumption my body will require to achieve my goal based on my height and BMI. I will need 126g of protein a day whilst keeping my calories to no more than the 2000 RDA. It is a challenge I am looking forward to and I can not wait to see the results.

If you are interested in taking part in this challenge then please visit Your local herbalife independent distributor's website

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