Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Story The Reasoning

This year I have been lucky enough to be accepted to take part in the great North Run 2013, I have decided that it would be interesting to write this blog to detail my journey from a man who struggles to run 13 yards with out puffing to a 13.1 mile marathon man.

Why am I running?

On the 14th September 2012 I suffered the an horrendous loss that has changed my life completely. On a day that should have been the happiest day of my life transcended into a nightmare. I had spent all day in an excited anticipation as my wife was in labour and I was about to see my 1st born baby girl for the first time.

20:34 she was born, but she did not take a breath, all resuscitation efforts failed, our baby girl had died, she was the most perfect baby you could ever imagine, she weighed in at 8lb 6oz and was 60 cm from crown to heel and looked just like me.

You can not describe the devastation that this caused and life will never be the same again, the thoughts that going through your head are so extreme from what they were just 12 hours earlier. Before you are planning her life and how to raise her and also happy at becoming a family. The reality we were faced with was planning her funeral and facing the struggle to cope with life.

The Charities

It would seem that now would be a good time to mention the charities I will be running for.

Children are butterflies

This charity is based in Northampton and is one we will always hold in high esteem.
They were there for us when it came to arranging the funeral for us, they provided this service to us at no cost to ourselves, understanding that this is already an incredibly difficult time for us and families in our position. This charity is also more that just helping towards funeral costs, they are also incredibly supportive and helpful, On the occasions when we met with Clare(one of the workers) we often ranted about our experiences to her and at no point did we feel she was not interested, every one just listened and that is something we needed at that time.
As well as helping with the arrangements they also provide us with a personalised memory box which contained many thoughtful touches and memorial items that we would never have thought of, such a wonderful charity and I can not thank them enough


Sands are the uk's leading charity when it comes to reducing the number of still borns and neonatal deaths, they campaign for research to reduce the 17 families a day affected by this tragedy. They also help to provide you with comfort in the most trying of times and the memory box they provide will always help and comfort us.

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