Monday, 14 January 2013

Week 1

Ok so I am at the end of week 1 since I was accepted to do the North Run 2013 so I thought I should update with things that I have done so far.

Small Steps

After downloading a plan created for me when registering for the North Run I have started following this to the exact letter. I have done 3 20 minute brisk walks so far, sounds pathetic when that sort of thing makes you feel like you have done an ok work out, obviously this is getting my lungs working a bit better and ready for harder things to come. I have one more week of brisk walking before I start the running.

Other things I have done this week include one of the main things a runner needs, a good pair of trainers. I visited sweatshop in Milton Keynes for help picking the right footwear for me. When there I was put on a machine which looks at the shapes of your feet and Achilles alignment. Turns out one of my feet is perfect the other not so. Some specially made insoles were baked to my foot contours for extra support and I was put to the test on a treadmill.
Now this was interesting whilst you are running on the treadmill there is a camera recording your movements, This is used to review your running style. I was told that I was a heel striker (from reading various documents this is not a good thing and something I need to change going forward.) and also that I over pronuncated, so my ankle rolled in too much, trainers with more ankle support did the trick, a few pounds later and I am now an owner of a pair of asics trainers.

This week I have also started to look at the foods I eat and have started to eat better to improve my general well being, gone is white bread, in is whole meal, out is 2 sugars now down to 1, meals will contain more vegetables and protein along with carbs, ready for when I ramp up the sessions

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