Thursday, 31 January 2013

Week 3

Mind Battles

Welcome back to a fresh chapter in my Great North Story. As with previous weeks, I have continued with my plan as set by the website the ante was upped a little this week with longer running stints and longer brisk walks which will continue apace over the next couple of weeks.

This week I think has been challenging not physically but mentally, cravings have kicked in, temptations to tuck into a nice piece of lemon drizzle or a munch on a bar of the sweet delicacy that is a chocolate bar,any thing will do. It has been hard, it is strange to be caught between the tug of war that is in your mind. One side saying "Come on Luke look at us lovely beautiful tasting pieces of devilish food, you know you want us, what damage will just one do?" You could say they tease you in like some sort of scantily clad temptress offering you all you could want if you give up something that you just don't quiet know how important it is too you. If your body is a temple then these are the other religions attempting you to convert and give up on your temple for a new one.

The other half of your brain like a knight in medieval times comes to your rescue and begins battle knowing that it will be a long hard battle but at the end of it all the world will be a better place and for that reason them exposing themselves to such enemies is good enough reason. The leader of the knight's he speaks boldly and with truth, he tells you that there is much more to be achieved if you join him in his battle and stay strong, he promises you that your temple will be the greatest temple in the land and all good will occur when you get to the promised land. It could be so easy to give in you could think no that battle is too hard, what chance do we have to survive I will never make it to the promised land, the land that is green and luscious, the enemy will eat away at my temple throwing it to ruin like so may temples gone before.

I have chose to fight so many times this week I have been offered the sweet things in life and I have turned them down each time, with a great sense of satisfaction I just think it would be so easy to have one but that as so often happens leads to another and another, those close to me will know that I have what could be called a biscuit addiction I was not one of those people who could just have a maximum of 2 biscuits with a cup of tea that was just wrong I had to have as close to the whole packet as I could. It has been 3 weeks since I last had a biscuit 3 weeks since I last had 2 sugars in my cup of tea, it is unreal what you can overcome if your mind is fully focused on getting where you want to be.

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